11 Brothers


We are 11brothers a platform where you will get the quality cricket balls @ wholesale rates directly from the manufacturer. In cricket, the most important thing is the ball, but do you end up getting good quality balls to play with? No.

Our branded cricket bats are compromised with low quality non branded cricket balls. Which not only cost your bat but also your hands because they are very harsh on the hands.

This platform is for you if you are in one of the below situations:

  • Branded balls are costly. Not anymore, as we will provide you at wholesale rates
  • Cricket ground organizer does not give you branded balls. You can now ask them to buy it from here
  • We give you the option of what the ball condition post overs usage. See any product under product page for details
  • Do not feel the worth your team has paid for the ball amount to the match organizer.  You as a team captain/member buy for your team and ask the opposition to play with the quality balls that you have bought. This way you do not have to pay the ball money to the match organizer, and you will end up playing with your choice branded balls
  • Team practice is very important, but we want balls with less rates but of good quality.

Our Customers

Since we sell in wholesale, our package also ranges from 6 boxes to bulk orders. Depending on your order our price vary. More the boxes lesser the price it would be.

So, our customers are Shopkeepers, Academies, Schools, Corporates, Event Organizer, teams, and team captains.

Authenticity of the Balls

This is a very genuine question which will come to your mind. How the branded balls are given @ such a good price when in market they are available at very high rates.

Are these products genuine or original?

Yes, they are 100% original. They are directly served to you from the manufacturer. Before onboarding any brand 11brothers make sure, all the major paperwork is done, and a contract is signed with the manufacturer. 11brothers, also has the copy of brand ownership of the onboarded brands. This is done to make sure our customers are getting their quality cricket balls from the sole manufacturer. So, do not worry about the originality of the cricket balls. We have already made that sure for you.